Rahat Fateh
In the wake of terror attacks with the recent serial blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, this week’s episode of Lux Junoon… Kuchh Kar Dikhaane Ka commences with a unified expression and support of solidarity by all contestants. The episode is dedicated to the victims of the tragedy who have lost their lives and lost their loved ones. Don’t miss this special episode on Saturday, 2nd Aug at 8.30 pm only on NDTV Imagine!

The contestants begin their performance by getting together to pay homage to the victims of these horrific events with a joint performance of ‘Ishwar Ya Allah’ from the film Pukar. The choked audience joins them raising lit candles to lend their support. Sufi ke Sultan mentor Rahat Fateh Ali Khan also joined in the spirit with his poignant performance. This week’s theme is “Youth” and the gharanas will be singing to some foot tapping music that sets yuva janta asking for more … from Antra’s “Pappu Cant Dance Sala” to Abhaas’ “Tashan”.

So don’t miss this special episode dedicated to the victims of the Ahmedabad & Bangalore blasts only on Lux Junoon… Kuchh Kar Dikhaane Ka’ this Saturday, 2nd Aug at 8.30 pm only on NDTV Imagine .


Lux JunoonThere is always room for action, fun and excitement on Lux Junoon… Kuchh Kar Dikhaane Ka! This Friday is no exception, as we see the talented Junoon contestants turn the tables in an engaging episode, which sees the Junoon participants exchange teams only to add more jalwa to the Junoon. To add to the magic of this week, Anand Raj Anand has a surprise in store this week… It’s time for the Wild Card Entry!! To know more don’t miss the attention-grabbing episode this Friday from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm only on NDTV Imagine!

The out of the ordinary package has the Sufi Ke Sultan, Maati Ke Lal and Bollywood Ke Baadshah contestants switching genres. Not just this, they have changed their entire avatar to set the mood right. So do not be surprised if you hear Harshdeep Kaur stricking a chord with Bollywood hits or Lakhwinder getting all philosophical with a Sufi spell. It’s a neck to neck competition this week between the Maati Ke Lal’s and the Sufi Sultans. But the competition gets even tougher as Baadshah’s of Bollywood reveal their trump card!!

There is more in the kitty as contestants talk about their dreams and aspirations. So don’t miss the fun with all the confusion only on Lux Junoon… Kuchh Kar Dikhaane Ka’ this Friday, July 25 at 8.30 pm only on NDTV Imagine!

Lux Junoon Kuch Kar Dikhane KaThis week on NDTV Imagine, the mentors take centre stage with the Guru Purnima special.  The contestant from each genre pays tribute by performing songs of their respective mentors.  Touched by this special gesture, the mentors share their favorite memories about their own gurus which include the late great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.  Catch Anand Raj Anand’s unusual story of his ‘mentor’, which is none other than popular Bollywood songs.  Catch all the excitement on Lux Junoon… Kuchh Kar Dikhaane Ka this Friday and Saturday at 8:30 pm only on NDTV Imagine!

This week Lakhwinder Wadali has some very special moments this week as he is joined by his uncles, the popular Wadali duo who are also Padmashree award winners.  The Wadali gharana features five generations of successful musicians in the family and Lakhwinder has made the family proud with his strong effort on Junoon. The Wadali brothers give the audience a special performance of their famous song Tu Maane Ya Na Mane.

Hans Raj Hans is another special guest this week on Junoon, who has come on the show in support of the Sufi Ke Sultan and their mentor Raahat Fateh Ali Khan.  His performance of two of his most popular songs –  Dil Chori Sadda Ho Gaya and Dil Totte Totte Ho Gaya has coincidentally been composed by Anand Raj Anand!!!

Tune in an exciting episode of ‘Lux Junoon Kuchh Kar Dikhaane Ka’ this Friday and Saturday at 8.30 pm, only on NDTV Imagine!