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Hard Kaur

Hard Kaur, India’s only female rapper who debuted with her single called ‘Glassy’ over a year ago, has made it a big into Hollywood as she plays with America’s hip ho band D-12 (Eminem’s band) for her solo album. This album has been signed on by Eminem’s shady aftermath label, singing on her track ‘Desi dance’, as well as producing it.

After creating a sensation with ‘Bas Ek King’ in ‘Singh is Kinng’ and ‘De Taali’ in ‘Ugly Aur Pagli’, ‘Kismet Konnection’, ‘Haal-e-Dil’ and ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’. she has many more films lined up for release.

In an interview to a news daily the singer was quoted as saying, “I’m not a singer, I’m a rapper. In many ways, rapping is more difficult than conventional singing.”

Well, she certainly sets the dance floors on fire with her hip-hop numbers, ‘Mover your body’ in ‘Johnny Gaddar’. “The SEL trio was willing to take a risk and the journey has been really good so far. People are now beginning to understand rapping,” she says.

She released her first album ‘Supawoman’ last October and her second one, still untitled, will hit the stores by the end of this year. “My second album has some interesting collaborations with artists I have always wanted to work with. It’s India’s way forward in a genre that’s considered to be either for blacks or whites. The browns are here with some old school hip-hop,” says Kaur.

About her venture with ‘D-12′ she says, “Their management had seen my songs and videos on the Internet and we had been talking for a while”.

Well the actress sure seems confident about her hip-hop career that is making waves in both Bollywood and Hollywood, as the actress signed of saying, “The youth is all for hip-hop. It’s not a passing phase. Hip-hop will always survive.”

Salman Khan

In the times of techno and hip-hop, a song with traditional musical instruments has been recorded for Salman Khan’s movie Veer .

It is a project that’s very close to Salman Khan ‘s heart. The superstar has himself penned the film’s story and is now taking personal interest in all aspects of the movie’s making.

 For instance, there is a song called “Taali Maar” in the movie. It’s written by Gulzar and composed by Sallu’s favourite composers Sajid-Wajid . And Salman was not a silent spectator while the song was being recorded. He told the music composer duo that he wanted the song to be recorded on a lavish scale, with the use of traditional instruments because the movie is a period drama.

Sallu’s wish was Sajid-Wajid’s command. As many as 130 musicians were called in from different parts of the country – from Chennai, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and UP. Among them were also experts who played instruments that no longer feature in today’s songs.

 To achieve the purity of sound, little possible use was made of multi-track recording (a malaise which has robbed today’s music of a unified soul).

So with such a huge troupe, the song “Taali Maar” was recorded over a period of thirteen days. At the end of it all, Sajid-Wajid were a happy duo. So was Salman.

 The story of ‘Veer’ has been written by Salman and the film is being directed by Anil Sharma .

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This week my Channel had 5800 views and for this month it had a whopping 31900 views.

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 Raja and Jaswir

After yesterdays argument with Abhijeet Bhattacharya it seems that all music lovers are standing in support of Raja and Jaswir Kaur.Discussion is going on on net in different forums. I present here  some comments made by music lovers all accross the net which explains how much support Raja and Jaswir has:

1) I am totally with Raja and jaasi! How many times did Sanchita get a 10 or 9 or 8?? Many times. yes she is ver very talented. And it’s wrong to compare a male singer with female but Is Raja that bad?? Even after a standing ovation or great great comment he ends up getting lower than others. Is he that bad??? That bad that Abhijeet gave him one point extra and it was still low??

it’s like this

 ” Sanchita this was not your best performance. You could’ve done this, could’ve done that. your mark is 7″

 ” Raja god gave you that voice! it’s gift! You sing with soul….etc etc! You get a 7″

I don’t think Raja was disrespectful at all. On the other hand Abhijeet was disrespectful.People who have no respect for others don’t deserve respect. He was down right insulting. He doesn’t want contestants to voice their opinion. He even asked who is he? Hello who do you think you are? Yes you are a good singer. Look around you the industry is filled with them.Your days are over! No wonder you are jobless. Atleast do this job as a judge right. I am pretty sure if there was a concert of Raja and Abhijeet going on Raja would have more of a audience. So YES he has fans abhijeet . I think even Ahmed finds him wrong but doesn’t want to say anything to show respect.

And wow Raja and Jassi got the highest score today. Big deal the judges didn’t do them any kind of favor. It was so clear they were better than the other 2 teams. They should’ve gotten a better score. It’s not that they did superb but they did 100 times better than the other 2 jodis.

Kushal had no dancing going on. Sanchita had no true singing going on.

Meenal did good, counting the appearance out which didn’t go with the song at all she did very good. The theme was bad. instead of fusion it looked liked they didn’t know what song goes with what move?

That brings it back to Raja and Jassi who weren’t superb but they had no major flaws like the other 2 couple! So either other jodis deserved lower mark or they deserved a little higher.

And kudos to Abhijeet. It must take lots of courage to be one of the most hated judge in india right now. You make Himesh look like a saint. Beat him in emotional drama and partialty.

I can’t wait to their mark on jassi’s 2nd dance. It was sooo graceful. I didn’t like the outfit but she was soo amazingly graceful. If she doesn’t get a high score I would be mad. I know if Sayantani did the same dance they would’ve given her a good mark.

No offense to anyone!

2) Abhijit doesn’t THINK before he says something and then he doesn’t even regret it later on when he KNOWS he is wrong! 

 I was shocked when he said to Raja that he’d regret what he said after saying his marks. Okay, if Raja did ARGUE than necessary, maybe, but did Abhijit have to CARRY ON? being an adult he could’ve nigotitated well, but he didn’t. And now I believe he does’t know HOW TO! (no offense to abihjit fans)

 He knows he favours Sanchita, but he just won’t say it! He said that he has a fav. every week… but that’s not what it seems like. Sanchita preformed bad but she has never recieved any bad marks. Bad comments, but high marks. It’s like a total diff. thing. Marks are great comments turn our bad or the other way round

 I’m glad there was no drama in the end when the marks were revealed though!

 3) I totally agree with you, what Abhijeet was WRONG. Being the “mature and wiser” guy he should have controlled himself and ended this arguement not continued it…I mean asking Raja who he thinks he is….wtfff man is it wrong to question the judges they aren’t God! Just b/c Raja spoke up doesn’t mean he’s wrong I also noticed how Abhijeet wasn’t fair to him…Raja would always (or usually) get good comments yet he’d always get like 7/8 points. and WTF is up with Abhijeet and Sanchita…damn she may be a good singer but she’s not hte best on the show even when she wasn’t all that great he’d give out 9’s and 10’s to her in like every episode I totally think that is unfair and I disagree with his judging skills. It’s so obvious he favors Sanchita and gives her points like giving out free candy on Halloween!!! Abhijeet doesn’t know what the heck he is doing, he doesn’t have the right to judge this show I am so sick of him…why didn’t he get fired earliar after what he did with Mussarat? This guy has no manners whatsoever!!!

 Enough Saiddd…

 4) I hope raja and kajri wins this competition. they proposedly thrown the contisntantly great singing and dancing pair aneek and naagin out so they can keep their favourites.i cant see abhisek minal or sanchita kushal have same usp as raja kajri. judge wise abhijit is disgusting. i think it is not abhijits fault it is zee tvs fault because they appoint a useless disgusting  judge, well done raja!!!

  5) I am so happy that my meenal is not a part of this show now…there is hardly any transparency in the show….everybody is confused….favourotism is ruling…performance is the last thing in consideration…hatts off to RAJA n JASSI whose comments who dared to open their mouth against injustice and favourtism….and so ridiculous and hurting to see that abhijeet himself accepting that he has been favouring sanchita…wat else remain to say…may god bless him

6)  Thumbs Down to Abhijeet, could he get any lower?  

I can go on and on bashing him…this man OMG I have no words…

How obvious can it get that he’s favoring Sanchita…

 I won’t even be surprised if Kushal & Sanchita win this…

 I mean Kushal is a damn good dancer but I’m getting sick of Sanchita’s AVERAGE singing!

 I wish Aneek & Sayantani were still on this show and in the finals…


Raja Hasan and Jaswir Kaur giving an awesome performance on the song Saaki Saaki from the movie Musafir.

Here is the video for you:

Raja Hasan and Abhijeet Bhattacharya today argued to length and I did not expect that the channel will show it such long.I wrote about my feelings for Abhijeet yesterday and the same was said by Raja today.

Here is the video for you:

Raja Hasan and Jaswir Kaur the first finalists of Ek Se Badhkar Ek.Here are the happy moments:

Raja Hasan singing Sajna from Bandit Queen. What an amazing and perfect performance by Raja.

Here is the video:

Jaswir Kaur also gave an amazing performance on the song Tinka Tinka.

Here is the video for you:

Kailash Kher will be guest on Lux Junoon Kuch Kar Dikhane Ka on NTDV Imagine in tonights episode.

Kailash Kher

The theme for this episode is “Qawwallis” and the participants mesmerize the audiences and Judges with their soulful singing. Watch Kailash Kher as he also joins in the singing with some of his famous songs Teri Deewani, Uth Patanga and Mangal Mangal. 

Don’t miss out on all the excitement only on Junoon Kuchh Kar Dhikhaane Ka on Saturday, August 30th  at 8.30pm only on NDTVImagine.

So dont miss the episode tonight at

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