Salman Khan

In the times of techno and hip-hop, a song with traditional musical instruments has been recorded for Salman Khan’s movie Veer .

It is a project that’s very close to Salman Khan ‘s heart. The superstar has himself penned the film’s story and is now taking personal interest in all aspects of the movie’s making.

 For instance, there is a song called “Taali Maar” in the movie. It’s written by Gulzar and composed by Sallu’s favourite composers Sajid-Wajid . And Salman was not a silent spectator while the song was being recorded. He told the music composer duo that he wanted the song to be recorded on a lavish scale, with the use of traditional instruments because the movie is a period drama.

Sallu’s wish was Sajid-Wajid’s command. As many as 130 musicians were called in from different parts of the country – from Chennai, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and UP. Among them were also experts who played instruments that no longer feature in today’s songs.

 To achieve the purity of sound, little possible use was made of multi-track recording (a malaise which has robbed today’s music of a unified soul).

So with such a huge troupe, the song “Taali Maar” was recorded over a period of thirteen days. At the end of it all, Sajid-Wajid were a happy duo. So was Salman.

 The story of ‘Veer’ has been written by Salman and the film is being directed by Anil Sharma .