September 2008

Freinds sorry it was a not a joke that this blog is closing down.Yes it is closing down to be launched in a much bigger way.

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With Raja Hasan and Jaswir winning the show Ek Se Badhkar Ek and successful coverage of all news,events and videos from the show I will like to inform all fans that this blog will close down from today and there will be no new articles on this blog.

I will like to thank all fans and wellwishers of Raja Hasan who helped me by working with me and contributing to this blog.

Raja And Jaswir

Finally the results have come out and Raja Hasan and Jaswir Kaur has emerged as the undisputed winners of Ek Se Badhkar Ek.

Congrats to Raja and Jaswir and all their fans and wellwishers.

Raja and Jaswir

जी. टी.वी. के रियलिटी शो ‘एक से बढकर एक’ में अपनी नृत्‍य पार्टनर जसवीर कौर के साथ राजा ने ‘सबसे बढकर जोडी’ का खिताब अपने नाम कर लिया है, जिसका प्रसारण 13 व 14 सितम्‍बर को होगा ।

राजा की इस जीत के लिए आप सभी चाहने वालों को हार्दिक बधाई और मुबारक-बाद, जिन्‍होंनें अपना कीमती समय देकर राजा को लगातार वोटिंग की । अब ये साबित जो चुका है कि चाहे शो के जज फैसला करे या जनता, दोनों की नजर में राजा सभी पर भारी है ।

आप सभी संगीत रसिकों का साथ यूं ही मिलता रहा तो इन्‍शा अल्‍ला…., राजा वर्ष 2008 की टॉप सिंगर लिस्‍ट में होगा । राजा की सबसे बडी ताकत है उसके फैन्‍स…. और जब तक फैन्‍स उसके साथ है, तब तक उसके पास सबकुछ है ।

आज की रात जश्‍न मनाने की रात है । खूब नाचो, गाओ, मिठाई बांटो और अपने प्‍यारे राजा के लिए आने वाले दिनों में ढेर सारी सफलता की दुआ करो ।
सभी का एक बार फिर से शुक्रिया करता हूँ ।
07.09.08            09.45 PM

Ek Se Badhkar Ek has proved to be such an unorganised show and we have just watched it as Raja Hasan was there and I feel whatever viewership it is getting is only for the fans of the contestents.
The timings of the show was not prime time and in fact I heard that in the begining there was not even a director in the show.

All the reality shows are becoming fake now and the viewership has reduced drastically and last years best shows like Saregamapa and Star Voice of India are struggling this year and may have to end fast.Shows like Paanchvi Paas with Sharukh at the helm of the affairs had to end prematuredly.

It seems people have seen enough of dramas on these shows and now don’t have any faith on them. I have talked to many contestents from reality shows and they say that just before their performance starts the director comes and explains them what to speak to judges and guests and how to react on stage and show their emotions. Nothing is natural on these shows and it seems each and everything is scripted.

AV`s are recorded where the contestents are made to say things which they don’t want. The contestents have to do whatever the producers want and they have no way out.

We have already seen the scripted part of shows and caught it many times when Judges, Guests and Mahagurus unduly praise and gives good marks to performances which were not up to the mark.

In Ek Se Badhkar Ek it is obvious that they planned to show the finals on 7th September so closed the voting lines on Monday since the finals would have been recorded on Tuesday. They changed their decision and decided to show the final results today and so opened the voting lines for yesterday night but again finally decided to postpone it to next week. This is too much and it is obviously understood.Todays show was recorded before yesterdays show as Kushaal was saying to viewers to decide after seeing all their performances in the show.

I am not yet sure what they will show in the two episodes of the coming week and may be all the eliminated contestents will come and give a performance and then the final results will be announced.
The channel is trying to lengthen it and wants to launch the kids ESBE in a grand way. Anyways viewers are not fools now and the counts of SMS which was very huge in all reality shows last year has reduced drastically and people are not participating and watching the shows inspite of hard effort by the channels and producers.

Yesterday on the show Mandira did say that today the results will be announced but that did not happen.

ZEE TV fooled and confused the viewers without any clarity about the show and wasted our Sunday for sure.Today`s episode was just a recap of the show till now.

So we will have to wait for a week for the final results.

The finals will be on 13th and 14th September.

This time around there are no spoilers for the results of the finals of Ek Se Badhkar Ek. Everybody is tightlipped. There is something fishy going on behind the scenes and the final results has already been recorded and it will not be live.

I have my analysis and I will put it up only after the telecast. Whether the viewers have been fooled by ZEE and this is not about the results but about the show.

So lets wait for some more time for the final results.

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